Most of us spend many hours sitting at a desk. According to the authors of “Adverse Effects of Prolonged Sitting Behavior on the General Health of Office Workers”, sitting for long periods at your desk can lead to complications affecting your health. Sedentary and sitting behavior in office workplaces is a risk factor for cardio-metabolic disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, coronary artery disease, musculoskeletal disorders, some types of cancer, and premature death. It is not only affecting your health but also your work performance and engagement.

Exercise in the office isn’t an extraordinary new idea. But regular physical activity has such positive impacts for both employees and employers. Physical activity strengthens your employees’ immune systems – making them less susceptible to whatever bug is going around the office. Employees that workout regularly are also generally healthier than their sedentary counterparts. This means less sick days, less medical appointments, and overall reduced absenteeism.

Based on the research “Exercise for Mental Health”, exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Exercise has also been found to alleviate symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal. Adding them to your daily routine before, during or after work goes hand in hand with higher levels of emotional stress resistance. If you do not have time for a full work out, you can do some  exercises right at your working desk or go for a walk.

You will find some examples in the article “30 Office Exercises to Try Right Now”. You will be surprised  that there is no need even to stand up from your chair for just a small break.