Health Promotion

According to the WHO, “Health Promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health.”

COLUMBIA pure offers tailor-made programs of health promotion to meet the needs of any business. Programs focus on education, training and in-person consultation and evaluation of already existing programs. Programs are developed based on different methodologies, such as, a literature review or conducting a survey or interviews among the people who are involved. This data gives insight in the need of the employees and possible barriers that needs to be taken into account.

COLUMBIA pure - Public Health Consultancy
COLUMBIA pure - Public Health Consultancy

Outbreak Prevention and Response

Outbreaks can happen anytime, anywhere. COLUMBIA pure develops customized Outbreak Prevention and Response Plans. These help to prevent, respond and contain an outbreak as quickly as possible. Therefore you can rest assured knowing that your company has a plan to prevent and respond to outbreaks of any kind.

Potable and Recreational Water Safety

COLUMBIA pure develops customized Water Safety Plans according to international regulations and when needed adjusted to national regulations. The purpose of the plans is to ensure that water facilities are operated as safely as possible. Additionally, it covers a range of potential hazards and issues that can affect any business, anywhere. 

COLUMBIA pure - Public Health Consultancy
COLUMBIA pure - Public Health Consultancy

Inspections and Tools

No matter where you are located, COLUMBIA pure furnishes businesses with a variety of public health inspections ranging from in-person risk assessments to digital consultations. COLUMBIA pure provides various assessments and tools to assist in the rectification of any issues and prepare for official inspections.


With global partnerships in a variety of industries, COLUMBIA pure can provide a one-stop-shop for additional services including: water testing, integrated pest management and others.

COLUMBIA pure - Public Health Consultancy
COLUMBIA pure - Public Health Consultancy


We are always open to hearing your needs and finding solutions to address health concerns in your business. Moreover, we can also help with the implementation of the solutions. Get in touch for a free evaluation of your company’s health matters.

Public Health audits and consultancy can serve to help you determine your business needs and confirm if your business is on the right track in regards to local or international guidelines. Our experienced team can assist in creating customized auditing sessions in accordance with any guidelines or a session tailored to your specific concerns. In addition, we can implement needs assessments, employee surveys and undertake any degree of internal review on your behalf.