We love summer as much as anyone, but here we explain how you can safely get the most out of it.

Summer’s here, which means we can start to enjoy the great outdoors. Once the sun starts to appear many of us are overtaken with the urge to get outside and start to make the most of it.  Fresh air combined with the vitamin D absorbed from the sun’s rays both conspire to make us feel good within ourselves. However, while there is a great upside to summer, we have to accept that there are some potential risks in overdoing our enjoyment and it is important that we all take some precautions so that it is a wholly beneficial time of year.

Sun Safety

We all understand the importance of protecting our skin when we are out in the sun but it is very easy to forget to apply sunscreen if you are only going to be out for a short time or if it is an overcast day. It is particularly important to remember sunscreen for children and adolescents – research shows that just one episode of severe sunburn as a child can double your chances of developing skin cancer in later life. And to help avoid heatstroke, wearing a wide-brimmed hat protects your head – and has the added advantage of keeping you cool, too.


Again, another one that we all understand but sometimes forget to do. While you might get away with managing with just a few drinks in the winter, in the heat, particularly if you are exercising, it is vital to keep drinking water regularly. Sadly some drinks like alcohol or coffee cause dehydration rather than keeping you hydrated. What’s more, the effects of the alcohol can result in you being less careful about taking other precautions.

Pool/Beach Safety

Water is great for playing and exercising in but it can also be dangerous if not treated with respect.

Even shallow water can be a hazard, particularly for young children. Make sure you and your family stay safe by following all local advice and instructions, such as only swim where there are life guards, don’t dive unless specifically told that it is safe. And remember, rivers can sometimes hold more potential dangers than the sea.

Eating Safely Outdoors

Barbeques and picnics are both fun and sociable but do take care to follow basic food hygiene rules. Use insulated cooler bags to transport food and never leave anything perishable sitting in the sun. When barbequing, be just as careful to keep raw and cooked foods separate as you would in the kitchen and, of course, watch out for the additional fire and injury hazards that come from cooking on an open flame.


Please note, all content provided is for informational purposes, and is believed to be accurate and current at the time of posting. It should not, at any time, be used in place of appropriate professional or expert advice.